Inspiración SS23

SS23 Inspiration

We have inspired the SS23 collection in one of the great jewels of the Mediterranean, MOROCCO.

Fleeing from the exoticism that can characterize it for how different it is compared to our country, we decided on it due to the light and colors that you find in every corner. The pastels, sands, very bright but dusty colors, it was what we were looking for.

We traveled to Marrakech and to Agadir on two different occasions. In Marrakech we hoped to find the world of color to refer to. It is a magical city, it breathes something special that we do not know how to explain, but each corner has something that does not go unnoticed.

We flee from the most touristic spots to enter the most authentic city, get to know its essence and its whys and wherefores. It was not the first time we visited it and it was the first time we fell in love with it.

However, we were still missing something that was much more us, the sea. We traveled to Agadir to spend a few days in Taghazout and we found a totally different Morocco. We discovered a corner for which surfing is their way of life, a more leisurely environment, less chaotic, but with the same colors and energy that we were looking for.

From there we build everything. A color palette based on pastels, earth and sand, patterns referenced to objects and places we saw on that trip and, finally, the names of the items.

Each swimsuit bears the name of a special corner. We will tell the story of each one of them, so that you can discover everything, just as we did.

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