Nuestra historia

Our history

In 2022, after quite a difficult time both personally and professionally, we were able to overcome the desire to do different things and we sat down to think about how we could project our way of life into a brand that brought together our essence.

We were clear that we had to connect with the sea, since it is what gives us peace, tranquility and helps us to disconnect from our routine and our problems. It is what makes us happy and recharges us with energy.

From there, the search for the product began and it was not a difficult task. We both ran into the same problems when looking for the perfect swimsuit, so it was time to develop our own.

Although we knew the product and the sector well, none of us knew where to start, but we did know that that Spanish and Mediterranean essence had to be present in what we wanted to do. With all this, we began to look for suppliers in proximity for various reasons. That would fulfill our idea of ​​manufacturing it in Spain and also allowed us to be close to production to create the best product we could.

Through various references, we found the right people and it was an instant match. It was difficult for us to start with a small production and they were looking for a brand with our requirements.

To simplify things, we decided to buy all the materials in small haberdashery stores in our city, in such a way that in addition to promoting consumption in these small businesses, in the event of any unforeseen event we would have the product on hand to be able to deliver it directly to the factory.

These have been months of much learning, many trips and many sleepless nights, but we couldn't be happier with the result and with the team we've found along the way.

We have managed to make the product we had in our heads real, manufactured entirely in Spain and supporting local businesses that need it so much.

Here begins PAIPO BRAND , a brand that is born from what makes us happy and that has shown us that, with work, perseverance and effort, dreams come true.


Fer and Charlie.

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